How long does it take to make a wall sculpture?

It usually starts as a drawing or picture that is revised number of times and adapted to the carving process by redrawing it in black and white or shades of gray. Then we make several unique versions of the image using different shading and combinations. Than we carve details or sections to see which one looks the best. When we are satisfied with the composition and design then we carve a complete study” “piece. We try to use cheaper materials or cut offs for these steps. Unfortunately most errors can not be repaired since once the material is removed it can not be “put back”and entire piece is scrapped. We generally repeat this several times until we are confident and ready to carve exhibition piece on the premium stone or glass. Hope for the best. Then the piece is cleaned, edges are polished or piece s framed and is ready to display in your home. So far, we have never done the entire process from start to finish at one time without interruption. We generally work on several projects at the same time, however from the idea to finished piece can take about 3 weeks.

How heavy are the pieces and do I display them?

We try to keep pieces as light as possible without compromising the strength and quality of the art work. Most pieces weigh about the same as nice mirror of the same size. The wall art can be displayed using standard picture hooks or small stands.