About me

My love for visual arts shows in the unique wall carvings, and relief sculptures featured on this site.  I use  polished granite and glass to give images life.

About my work

The stone wall sculptures start as an idea or an expression. The stone, usually granite or marble is carefully selected for its unique texture, colour and quality. Then the image is created to complement the polished stone and is transferred in the raw form to the blank stone.  Then, using various mechanical means the parts of the stone are carefully removed revealing the image. In some cases the image is enhanced by hand painting or applying coloured fill to enhance the carving.

Framed wall art can be displayed in the same fassion as any other framed canvas painting or a mirror and will undoubtedly enhance any décor. Some extra large pieces may require a more robust system and they are usually included with each piece.

Glass pieces are created by carving out the image in reverse from the back of the glass and incorporating a low voltage light system into the frame. Some come with the remote on/off/dimmer switches.

Also featured are digital prints printed on canvas.  I hope that you will find as much enjoyment from ownership as I do in creation.