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norbert augustine artistAbout me

My love for visual arts shows in the unique wall carvings, and relief sculptures featured on this site.  I use  polished granite and glass to give images life.

About my work

The stone wall sculptures start as an idea or an expression. The stone, usually granite or marble is carefully selected for its unique texture, colour and quality. The image is created to complement the polished stone and is transferred in the raw form to the blank stone.  Then, using various mechanical means the parts of the stone are carefully removed revealing the image. In some cases the image is enhanced by hand painting or applying coloured fill to enhance the carving.

Framed wall art can be displayed in the same fashion as any other framed canvas painting or a mirror and will undoubtedly enhance any décor. Some extra large pieces may require a more robust system and they are usually included with each piece.

Glass pieces are created by carving out the image in reverse from the back of the glass and incorporating a low voltage light system into the frame. Some come with the remote on/off/dimmer switches.

Also featured are digital prints printed on canvas.  I hope that you will find as much enjoyment from ownership as I do in creation.

Art Experience

In 1994 we formed a partnership called All Glass Products Ltd – Artistic glass division. We were in the business of creating large sand carved glass panels up to 8′ X 8′, with designs varying from extremely detailed images to tasteful geometric shapes. We used various techniques including sand carving to create multistage carvings. Panels were installed on site, either by us or by contractors. Artwork was either created by us, or supplied by the customer. Our customers included glass firms, architects and designers. We also did some work for restaurant chains and builders or renovation/ restoration firms.

In 1998 our business interests have changed and I moved away from the enterprise market into creating artistic carvings in stone and glass using my first and middle name – Norbert Augustine.
In addition to sand carving using pressure system and aluminum oxide abrasive, I have also gained proficiency in various other techniques including glue chipping, acid etching, mechanical carving using rotary diamond tools, tungsten carbide cutters and various mechanical methods.

I have also done extensive work with various types of stone, including granite (star galaxy, antique brown, uba tuba, etc) marble, onyx, quartz, European lime stone, etc. and local Brampton rocks. Several years ago I have included wood in the material I work with. In addition to classic carving, I have done some marketry with exotic wood veneers, wood burning using torch and hot iron as well as laser.

Over the years I have also painted several canvas paintings of varying sizes, the largest being 6′ X 4′, using acrylic and oil paints.
I have won a juried competition for 5 murals to be installed on Vivian Lane in downtown Brampton in the early 2015. These murals are 7 feet by 7 feet each and depict significant Brampton buildings and the evolution of the bicycle.


My Agent Rupert Young has exhibited my works at:
• St. Lawrence Center for the arts, 27 Front street, Toronto in 2011,
• Kensington Market Art Fair in 2012, Spoke Club , 600 King street west, Toronto in March 2013
• Ongoing exhibition in Art Profile Toronto Gallery at 52 St. Lawrence Street, Toronto.

Other Exhibitions
• Canadian pavilion at Carabram,
• Regular participant at the Arts In The Open in Brampton for several years,
• Participated at Huttonville Arts and Craft Show
• Participated in the Beaux Arts Gallery exhibition
• Exhibited at Rose Theater in Brampton and various other exhibitions with Brampton Arts Council and Brampton Board of Trade.


• I have been a member of Brampton Arts Council for many years.
• Member of Mississauga Arts Council
• Member of Beaux Arts Brampton

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